Marge Maghoney Photography - Welcome
Hey y'all!

I'm psyched you found me! Welcome to Marge Maghoney Photography, where the hunt ends for your photographer. I'm not kidding. By the time you finish browsing through this website, see how much I charge (and ask"Why isn't she charging more?"),check out the photos, read about past clients' experiences working with me, you'd be more or less crossing your fingers that I'm available on your wedding day. Sounds obnoxious? Don't worry. I'm not. Not at all. Just straight up and insanely focused on providing you with an awesome experience from a fast and simple booking process to rockin' it out on your wedding day, amazing blow-by-blow photos and super quick turn-around-times (a week).

I don't want to meet your expectations.

Nor do I want to exceed them.
I want to blow you away.

I have a simple list of packages to choose from and it will only take you a few minutes to pick out what best suits your needs, event and of course budget (c'mon now, everyone knows that's numero uno!). If you want to tweak the packages a little bit, talk to me. Want to add a photo booth? Ask for a package deal. Nothing's ever set in stone. We'll work something out.

love efficiency and effectiveness. And I'm betting so do you. So in order of communication preferences, it's email, phone, online meetings (Skype) and in-person meetings. 
So go ahead and look around the website, check out the photos (there's more on, see what's included in the packages and products you might want for your family (and friends). You might like an extra photo book for your parents. Or you might want to rent the Fun Photo Booth to make your party truly kick ass!

Feel free to contact me for any comments, questions or anything you would like to clarify!
I am SO looking forward to meeting and working with you! I treasure all the connections I've made doing what I do. Check back every now and then for new updates to this website. I'm constantly tweaking it! Much more to come!