Marge Maghoney Photography - Welcome - Hayward, CA

Welcome to Marge Maghoney Photography.

I'm psyched you found me and I'm excited to get started!

Know that I'm not looking to meet your expectations.

Nor do I want to exceed them.

I want to BLOW you away.

So talk to me. After all the basic information, let me know what else you want. Saw some photos on Pinterest? Email them to me. We'll recreate them.

Shy about something? For me it's my ass. Especially when I'm bloated. Whatever. Tell me what's yours. I want you 100% comfortable. 

Send me a photo of your dress. That always kickstarts my inspiration for the shoot. 

Share your love story. I wanna know how you guys met!

Go ahead and browse the website. 

You'll find full galleries at

Check out the blog. There's a bunch of wedding tips there.  

I am so looking forward to reading your first email and getting this party started.