Snapshots of a Photographer's Life in The Bay Area
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Cheap Eats After Your San Francisco City Hall Wedding
How to Relax
Wedding Journal Tips
Be An Idea Machine
12 Months to Your Wedding Body

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Snapshots of a Photographer's Life in The Bay Area

Cheap Eats After Your San Francisco City Hall Wedding

You like it quick and easy. You don't take long to make decisions. You hate wasting time on trivial matters and always do things within a snap of a finger. 

But it doesn't mean you settle on quality. You just know what you want and what you'll give for it. That's one of the reasons you decided to get married at theSan Francisco City Hall. You realize you can do away with the frills, the big party, the long stressful planning and recognize that what it really boils down to is the two of you.

How to Relax

I was at the dentist yesterday and was asked if I grinded my teeth. All the time, I said and inquired why. He said stress just manifests in different ways in different people. Some have headaches, others have chest pains, nausea, skin problems, sleep problems and so on. Well, for me, it's grinding my teeth.

Probably seeing my expression, he immediately added that one's life may not exactly appear chaotic or stressful but we all still have our usual daily concerns that we deal with.

So I originally titled this post "How to Relieve Stress in 2016" but thought I'd avoid the "don't-think-of-a-white-elephant" trap so instead, join me in following these few simple steps on "How to Relax.

Wedding Journal Tips

Writing can be therapeutic. But more than a form of release or expression, there are practical reasons why it calms us down. 

We have so many thoughts that go through our head. So many that it's normal to have a hard time catching up. Often when I write/type, I'd find myself skipping words because my mind is racing and my fingers can't keep up.

A great way to organize these thoughts is to write them down. Have something concrete and visible to track. Pieces we can deconstruct and put together based on a project's priority to achieve a certain goal.

Be An Idea Machine

I was readingCharlie Kingsland-Barrow's Photography Business Secretsand stumbled upon something that has helped me get and keep the creative juices flowing.

The idea is to write 10 ideas per day on any given topic. Sounds easy? Try it for yourself.

It's easy to quickly come up with four or five but you have to get your mind sweating and reach ten.

The practice originally came fromJames Altucherwho promoted the idea of becoming anidea machine. And I've embraced it since reading the book.

12 Months to Your Wedding Body

According to this infographic fromWedding Paper Divas, 40 percent of couples wait 13 to 18 months between "Yes!" and "I do."

With that in mind, you have a good year to prepare for everything. One of the highlights of course is your dress but admit it or not, it may be the prettiest and priciest, but unless the body in it isn't in its best shape, it woudn't knock anyone's socks off. 

So you want to start early working on that body. Weddings are a great incentive to finally walk the walk and not just talk the talk in getting fit.